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UTAC Sponsors 2023

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to our sponsors for their support and generosity in making this event possible.

Silvus Technologies logo

Silvus Technologies

The world’s leading provider of advanced MANET and MIMO communications systems

As the world’s leading provider of advanced MANET and MIMO communications systems, Silvus Technologies is reshaping mesh network technology for mission-critical applications – on the ground, in the air, and at sea. Its battle proven StreamCaster family of MANET radios and proprietary MN-MIMO waveform provides the vital communications link for defense, law enforcement, and public safety agencies around the world, and in the toughest operational environments.

Developed by a team of top PhD scientists and design engineers, Silvus Technologies continues to innovate communications technology for the tactical edge with unmatched range, data throughput, EW resiliency, and scalability.

Silvus Technologies is privately held with world headquarters located in Los Angeles, CA.

Leica Geosystems logo

Leica Geosystems

Empowering an autonomous future

Leica Geosystems - Empowering an Autonomous Future

The Leica BLK series supports Hexagon’s core initiative toward building a future where business, industry and humanity sustainably thrive.

Autonomous reality capture technology like the BLK2FLY and BLK ARC provides the opportunity for businesses and communities to benefit from real-time data capture, analysis, and fully automated workflows which dramatically reduce costs, eliminate waste, and give people greater freedom to bring their visions for the future to fruition.

Anduril logo


Defense products company specializing in autonomous systems

Anduril is a defense products company that specializes in autonomous systems. The family of autonomous systems includes Command & Control, Mission Autonomy, UAS, counter-UAS, and AUV solutions powered by Lattice, an AI-powered operating system.

Anduril supports operations with the US Department of Defense, the US Department of Homeland Security, the Australian Defence Force, the UK Ministry of Defense, and other partners around the world.

Zenith AeroTech logo

Zenith AeroTech

Tethered unmanned aerial vehicle provider

Zenith AeroTech takes pride in creating superior Tethered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle systems that offer a totally customized approach while simultaneously providing unparalleled reliability.

Our solutions are tailor-made to meet each customer’s needs and can carry a wide variety of payload combinations for near- unlimited flight times.