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A Training Event Like No Other

FLYMOTION’s UTAC is an immersive experience. As an attendee, you are not just an observer — you are an active participant. Experience a week of invaluable learning and hands-on technology application. UTAC is founded on three components: tactics, training, and networking.

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As unmanned system programs evolve, so do their tactics. FLYMOTION organizes and executes eight hyper-realistic scenarios to showcase these best practices. Using a state-of-the-art training facility, we integrate unmanned platforms in response to a variety of simulated incidents. From disaster response to SWAT operations, you will find demonstrations that apply to your area of operations. Interactive debriefs, led by experienced instructors, cover the procedures and objectives of the scenario. The result? A complete understanding of technology integration that you can implement at your agency.


Train like you operate. FLYMOTION incorporates NIST courses in flood zones and ruined cityscapes to achieve realism unique to UTAC. As a result, we provide the most comprehensive NIST course ever built. Through these opportunities, you will become a more confident and capable pilot. FLYMOTION’s robotic test stations put you in control of the latest in unmanned technology made possible through our trusted partnerships with industry leaders. Breakout sessions with subject-matter-experts provide valuable instruction on the newest unmanned products and programs. Regardless of the activity, you will walk away ready to respond to any call.


UTAC attracts members of public safety, government, and defense organizations from around the world. Consequently, FLYMOTION designs a week full of opportunities to connect during training sessions and networking nights. Connection breeds collaboration. Collaboration cultivates innovation. Share practices and platform applications that keep you and your communities safe. Through UTAC, you have access to an expansive network that will augment your understanding of technology integration.

Why Attend UTAC?


600 Perry Pkwy
Perry, GA 31069

90 minutes south of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport


START: Oct 25, 2022
END: Oct 28, 2022

Train Like You Operate

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