UTAC 2022 Instructors

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Why Instruct?

Are you or your agency using advanced technology to enhance your daily operations? At UTAC, our mission is to share proven tactics and methods with organizations aiming to accomplish the same goals.

We are seeking subject matter experts to share the innovative ways that unmanned systems are reshaping the way we operate. Our instructors are highly qualified operators who pioneer new tactics for unmanned systems operations. No other event brings so many unmanned system experts together in an operational environment.

Instructor Qualifications

At UTAC, practical knowledge and real-world experience are demonstrated by our instructors through our hyper-realistic training scenarios. Experts in our field understand the rate at which technology evolves and can share their valuable insights with new programs or pilots. Be a thought leader and take part in helping other first responders and professional organizations enhance their drone programs in this rapidly developing field.

What to Expect

We expect to have all instructor sections made prior to January 3, 2022. If you are selected, please be prepared to provide a short biography and a professional, high-resolution headshot. Scenario details including date, time, technology to be implemented, and resources available will be provided after the selection process is complete.

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