UTAC 2022 Speakers

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Why Speak at UTAC?

Presenters at UTAC are the thought leaders within the unmanned systems industry. Share the wisdom you’ve gained from your experiences as a professional within the sUAS ecosystem, whether it be as an operator, commanding officer, or technology provider/developer. Your knowledge will help others navigate those topics in an open forum learning environment. We will accept abstracts until May 31, 2022.

Speaker Qualifications

Practical knowledge and real-world experience are what make presentations and panels one of the key pillars of UTAC. Experts in our field understand the rate at which technology evolves and can share their valuable insights with new programs or pilots. Be a thought leader and take part in helping other first responders and professional organizations enhance their drone programs in this rapidly developing field.

What to Expect

All speaker selections will be made prior to June 25, 2022. If you are selected, please be prepared to provide a short biography and a professional, high-resolution headshot. Details about your presentation including date, time, and location, will be provided after the selection process is complete.

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