One of the very distinctive advantages the FLYMOTION team brings to the table is their vast experience from within the various sectors of public safety and defense. This allows the team to understand the practical and tactical steps, challenges, and solutions to properly implement, and scale up, an unmanned systems program. This goes beyond understanding the hardware, but also means properly integrating the technology into workflows, setting up a data pipeline, dealing with requirements, both externally and internally, and applying the real-life deployment expertise. All of which needs to be properly trained and discussed. The FLYMOTION team has the know-how to properly do in-person training, has the facility to do class-room and hands-on training, and has the opportunities to create real-mission like scenarios to practice. But most importantly, the team has the knowledge to do that for fire services, hazmat teams, law enforcement agencies and special ops entities.

Romeo Durscher

VP of Public Safety, Auterion
I would like to give a huge shout out to FLYMOTION. The training, their facility and the offsite facility for the hands-on training was outstanding. With 39 years in Emergency Services (33 years in Law Enforcement and 6 years in Emergency Management), I have attended a countless number of trainings during my career. I can say without a hesitation that FLYMOTION provided one of the best trainings I have had the pleasure to attend. The instructors for this training were top notch (to include the FLYMOTION staff); not only were they well-versed in the subject, but they were able to share real life examples of how they used sUAS in true disaster settings. We spent the day doing hands-on training using everything we learned in the classroom. I do not know a better way to ensure you know how to use what you learned in the classroom than to just do it. Upon completion of the training I felt confident that the training I received was nothing less than the best. I knew without a doubt that I was bringing back to my agency the knowledge and true hands-on experience that I can put to use immediately with our drone team. Thank you FLYMOTION and i look forward to many more trainings with your agency.

Dan Howard

Clinton County(Iowa) Emergency Management
Operations Officer / Drone Team Leader