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The Unmanned Tactical Application Conference is the premiere fully immersive training conference that allows agencies and organizations to experience real-world scenarios utilizing the latest technology solutions.

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at Guardian Centers in Perry, Georgia

March 23-27, 2020



Hosted at Guardian Centers in Perry, Georgia

Guardian Centers is a world-renowned facility encompassing over 850 acres, with a sprawling 15 city block urban city-scape. This expansive facility allows us to train your staff in a multitude of real-world scenarios. The variety of environments, depth of training, and instructor expertise makes the UTAC conference a unique opportunity unlike anything you have experienced.

Active Shooter

Our Active Shooter/Hostage scenario puts the attendees in the middle of a real-world operation where drones, first responders, and law enforcement/SWAT teams work in unison to mitigate a deadly threat . With real gun fire, explosions, and moulage role players, this scenario immerses the attendees into the chaos of an active shooter scene from the perspective of our first responders. Attendees will learn tactics being used by some of the experts in Law Enforcement today.

Water Rescue

Since the devastating floods from Hurricane Katrina, drones have been used to assist our first responders as an aerial force multiplier for flood and swift water rescue. With real victims trapped and clinging to life on roof tops, attendees will be thrust into a scenario resembling the 9th ward of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. In this state of the art 550,000 gallon flood basin, attendees will learn firsthand the tactics being used by the experts in UAS/Water Rescue response.

Counter UAS

With the rising threat of drones being used for nefarious purposes, Counter UAS has become a must in local, state, and federal agency response. UTAC Global's Counter UAS scenario will display the systems being used today to mitigate those risks in a real time demonstration focusing on detection, monitoring, and elimination of the threat. Attendees will engage in tactics and learn ways to mitigate rogue drones operating in a secure environment.


The chances of a terrorist incident taking place in America’s subway systems is far too real. At UTAC Global, attendees will go underground into an on site subway system, built to resemble the Washington DC Metro line. Inside the 1,700 ft. dual rail subway tunnel which includes eight real-world complete subway cars, attendees will be subjected to a terrorist event. With smoke, darkness, screaming victims, and potential chemical/biological threats, attendees will see how HazMat, CBRNe, and EOD teams are using both aerial and ground based solutions to respond to underground terrorist events.

Search and Rescue (Day)

Unmanned Aerial Systems excel at their ability to cover vast areas in a short period of time. With the systems and cameras becoming more powerful and automated, Search and Rescue teams have been utilizing UAS more and more to assist with their response. With the 800+ acres of wildland and urban landscape at UTAC Global, attendees will witness and learn the tactics and strategies developed by some of the leading experts in UAS/SAR as they conduct real time searches for lost and injured victims.

Search and Rescue (Night)

Transitional periods from day to night operations create unique challenges for first responders. With thermal technology and powerful lighting systems on drones today, public safety agencies now have 24-hour operational capabilities. At UTAC Global, attendees will be given access to state-of-the-art technology to assist with search and rescue operations into the night. Instructors will go over the strategies and tactics being used today by experts in this field while actively searching for criminals or lost persons on the facility grounds at UTAC.

UTAC Global Conference 2020 Pricing

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About the Event

Through the annual Unmanned Tactical Application Conference 2020, FLYMOTION drives the industry forward, promoting the application of drone technology in response operations. 

UTAC is a hub for innovation, collaboration, and growth, enabling attendees of all backgrounds to exchange experiences, develop a deeper understanding of drone technology in the ecosystem, and direct the future development of best practices for professional drone applications. 

Join Public Safety, Defense, and Government professionals, along with technology experts and policymakers at FLYMOTION’s annual Unmanned Tactical Application Conference, where you can be a part of the premier training event for drone response.

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